Binarizer / Splitradix – Binarizer / Splitradix

4 out of 5

Label: 030303

Produced by: Binarizer / Splitadrix (?)

Some fun acid from both artists, the former displaying some old-school IDM chops, while Splitradix brings their own form of bouncy, celebratory beats to the mix.

While a more dedicated reviewer would probably put Binarizer’s Dutch through a translator, I’ll give credit in that the lyric sheet is… filled, meaning this isn’t just a simple repeated phrase, which is the tendency for dance vocals. Unfortunately, the knock on the track – which is a poppy, less manic take on Cylob’s ‘Drop the Bass’ style club tracks – is that it’s quite long, and despite those varied lyrics, circles around on the same exact tone and pacing for its 6 minutes. However, the beat is fantastic, and for the majority of those minutes, it’s a blast, with Binarizer adding a bit of analog-style looseness to things, which helps add back some freshness when it starts to get stale.

Splitradix’s Cross Connection is a winner through and through, though, mining a similar counter bass / synth tone as his other 030303 release, but slowing it down to counter Binarizer’s song, with a wistful melody running through its middleground. The length on this one is perfect, allowing Split to push and pull for just the right amount of time before things wrap up.

That’s a pretty ideal single, then: each track stands alone, but also plays off of the other; if you hadn’t heard of either artist – and I honestly can’t find another credit for Binarizer, whoops – this is a great intro.