Big Business – Tour EP V

3 out of 5

Label: Gold Metal Records

Produced by: ?

I don’t know the exact story behind the Tour EP series from Big Business, but I’ll assume it’s what it says: tracks written and recorded on the road.

The three songs here are all typical of the 70s rock-infused, low-end rumble sound of the guitar / drumming duo, perhaps lacking in some studio punch due to whatever the recording setup is for these EPs. There’s definitely an essential track here – mid-song Perfectly Round is, indeed, quite perfect, with the big drums peaking at just the right point and the blend of guitars and keys delivering instantly memorable riffage. The followup cover of Sam Jayne’s Bonnie and Clyde substitutes the original’s touching qualities for, of course, heft, and my preference for the original makes this a tough match; but we benefit from Jayne’s catchy melody until the BB duo can carry it to an intense ending. Opener New Tombs is a bit disposable, unfortunately, starting off with a nice, weirdly woozy mash of keys atop the pummeling drums, but doing all it has to do by about the 2-minute mark… and then repeating that for 5 more minutes. Strip it down to a shorter single and save us room for another track, perhaps, but I appreciate the experimentation.