Bakuman: Complete Box Set – Tsugumi Ohba

4 out of 5

Having reviewed the individual tankobons, this is more about the value and quality of the boxset.

Firstly, to value: you get a handy container for all 20 volumes, plus a mini-poster, plus a great bonus comic, for… a little over a dollar more than the 9.99 per volume price, US. So that’s a little wonky, perhaps. Except, for those of us who prize shelf space, 20 books stacked horizontally on a shelf take up more retail than if you place this boxset with its length hanging off the shelf – something you obviously can’t do with 20 individual volumes. So there’s significant space saved, plus the unique artwork on the box itself looking pretty snazzy, plus the bonus comic. To me, it about balances out, but it’s definitely not a deal.

The construction of the box is okay. I haven’t owned one of these multi-volume containers before, so this might be standard – and I’m not saying I can dream up some better setup – but you do have to take the entire box off of the shelf to open it up, because the top folds over itself, and then opens up the entire side, meaning you need significant room to get access to the books. I should say the cardboard and way it all fits together is totally solid, and there’s a carrying handle on top (Which is… something? Like you’re heading to the beach with your Bakuman boxset?), so it’s really just down to how it opens. You get used to it, it’s not difficult by any means, and it secures with some velcro as well, I guess I was just thinking of something that was easier to slide open and closed to get out a book at a time. And if I’m being extra nit-picky, some art on the inside of the container would’ve been the extra mile.

But overall, I didn’t feel like I’d overspent. It gives me what I wanted: all of the books, some extras, and a more space-convenient way of storing them, for a reasonable price.