Automatic Tasty – The Future is not What it Used to Be

4 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Jonny Dillon

The retro techno stylings of Automatic Tasty’s 2020 A-side seamlessly morph into head-bobbing 90s electro on the B-side; throughout, Tasty – Jonny Dillon – shows off a practiced patience with ebb and flow, letting his tracks calmly play out while feeding us dashes of exciting flourish along the way.

We kick off with the title track, which is probably unironically the most old-fashioned sounding tune, vocoding the name of the song over a slow, chill beat. Repetitiveness will affect the followup song to a degree, but it works on this opener: over five-minutes, Jonny sprinkles in a rush of synths toward the end which enhance the already palpable groove just enough to keep it movin’. Followup Romance in the Old Country, though, doesn’t have enough meat to work quite so effectively. It’s got a pretty slick off-kilter warble that gives it an interesting vibe, and the title feels fitting – it’s a breezy track you can imagine playing while wandering through fields or driving along open expanses of road. But its relative simplicity makes it the least compelling song here.

Over on the B-side, though, all that came before gets blown away: we move into a more modern age with Rising Sun, which marries a background house-ish vocal loop with 90s IDM stylings, yet still holding on to the generally pleasant tone of the release, with closer Adventures in the World of Becoming bringing in a darker, moodier low-end and some killer, “live” sounding percussion.