Atmosphere – Windows (feat. Prof)

5 out of 5

Label: Rhymesayers

Produced by: Dillon Parker (recorded and mixed by)

Uh… yes? More of this? Does it take Prof guesting on a track to suddenly key Slug into on point lyrics and a fully rounded cut that doesn’t require some kind of explanation for how it fits into Atmosphere’s oeuvre?

Whatever the case, this is hands down the best selection from the Fishing Blues lead-in singles, and an absolute standout all on its own. I quite love how Prof is only used for the chorus here, but his style is all over the song – note it’s recorded at Stophouse – which is proof of how Slug / Ant do successfully match their flow to their guests, just that the match-ups aren’t always successful. But Prof’s swagger and tendency towards bouncy beats energizes Slug into an old school vibe, but instead of turning that into nonsense battles, it’s the mature version of the struggles with which he always dealt back in the day: wanting it all, but wanting to stay still at the same time. It’s a powerful, disarmingly complex anthem that’s easy to cheer along with, but then you’re also cheering along someone’s isolationist sensibilities…

Simple and smart; not a combo Slug has hit nearly as often as he’s aged, and backed – or fully supported – by Prof’s snarky soulful singing of the eff-off chorus, letting the main M.C. shine while also making his mark.