Atmosphere, Subtronics, Zeds Dead – God Loves Ugly (Remix)

4 out of 5

Label: Rhymesayers

Produced by: Subtronics, Zeds Dead

This is a pretty killer remix. Massively distorting or cutting out the vocals in favor of pumping up the beat and adding few more layers to it, Subtronics and Zeds Dead allow the track to woozily haze in and out as some club / dubstep elements work their way in about halfway through. It’s short, though, like a minute less than the original track, which leaves the feeling like they could’ve pushed things along further and a little wilder.

The B-side has the original for comparison. (Which certainly bests the remix – this is Slug and Ant when they’re working lockstep with the latter’s soulful beats and Slug at his most enthused and inventive.)

Some funky art and red wax round out the package. Maybe not worth full price – though some proceeds went to charity – but worth a listen, for sure.