Atmosphere – My Best Half

2 out of 5

Label: Rhymesayers

Produced by: Atmosphere

Uh huh. That’s cute. Who’s this for? Slug’s wife? And so I guess anyone who wants to half-relate to cute songs about meeting their wife? Maybe if it was cute I’d get a little smile out of it, but it’s more like Everyone’s Cat Is The Cutest, when you know that your cat is the cutest: this story about meeting wifey at a club (Murs was there!), and she made you read a book before you could bang her… uh… cutest!

Now, look: there’s a world where you wrote this song for your wife, or for your friends who were at that party, and then Atmopshere did us a favor and released this little ditty for our ears as a single, and here I am, ragging on it. And maybe I’m triggered by not having a relatable story. But maybe this song just isn’t for me – I wasn’t there; I don’t know Slug, except through his song narratives, and despite a second verse attempt at broadening the scope of this track, it’s still not very interesting or relatable – and so the rating is reflective of that.

He even starts just naming vocal effects at one point – e.g. “echo” – like this was a one-take shtick. Slug’s flow is smooth, the track is fairly short, and the production is good – a nice squelchy and organic and funky beat, making the B-side instrumental worth a go.