Atmosphere – Fireflies (feat. Grieves)

4 out of 5

Label: Rhymesayers

Produced by: Atmosphere

Perhaps the first single out of these Fishing Blues-lead ups that stands wholly on its own, with good lyrics and beat and guesting, and no excessive caveats, ‘Fireflies’ does the job of sounding like an Atmos track while also being a great platform for a cameo – Grieves in this case, who slinks right in with a smooth verse thanks to the melodic flow of the song.

‘Fireflies’ serves as a good visual metaphor for Slug’s pursuit (or not) of fame; or of a need to just stay focused on what you’re doing; and the fight between the two. It’s a track where he can use his history in the biz as reflection, and although – as always – he starts to lose the thread a bit as he goes on, there are some clever lines in there that make up for it. Grieves verse doesn’t have this sense of legacy behind it, but he parallels it smartly from the perspective of youth – flitting away distractions where the elder Slug is musing over them.

While it feels like the song could’ve used a conclusion in another verse from Slug, it’s definitely something to get excited about on its own, with the live instrumentation (again from G. Koop) giving us a jazzy, raw flow that works really well for the instrumental.