Annihilator TPB – Grant Morrison

5 out of 5

Review of the contents here.*

This is an ideal trade presentation – the design (John J. Hill) is wholly cohesive with the vibe and look of the original issues, and it’s priced appropriately for six books of content. Adding to the value are the extras: an introduction by someone actually tangentially tied to the material – Christopher Meloni, who worked with Grant on the TV adaptation of Happy! – and design sketches of characters / covers from both Frazier Irving and Morrison, along with character bios from Grant. The original covers are included between issues, with a couple of alternate covers tacked at the end as well. Whether or not you enjoy the series is a different story, of course, but this is a book that massively benefits from being read in a sitting or two – the quality drop-off between issues is more noticeable when read month to month – and the trade does all the right things to make it a worthwhile purchase.

*Regarding that original review, my negative opinions on Grant have cooled a bit in the intervening years since I’d first read this, but it does still come across as a bit try-hard to kick the company man persona he’d built up while working at DC. I admittedly enjoyed it more a second time around, though my initial opinion of it mostly still stands – it doesn’t follow through on the initial promise of its setup, and tries to back out of conclusive sentiments by being overly quippy and clever instead.