AJIN: Demi-Human vol. 7 – Gamon Sakurai

4 out of 5

I shan’t bore you with many details this time around, because I’ve been singing the same praises the past few tankobons: amazing art, surprisingly sharp characterization, and – despite a breakneck pace, which is normally an excuse not to include this – an enveloping story, and one that relies on its characters. A reader’s investment is vastly rewarded.

Volume 7 leans in to the action side of things, with the Kei / Ko / Tosaki alliance gearing up for squaring off with Sato’s team, but there’s room for some further “who’s turning on whom?” conspiracy-isms, political dabblings, and even – very interestingly – signs of discontent on the Sato side of things. I really admire how Sakurai has kept Ko Nakano as such a simple-headed dude, not building him up into a secret weapon, and there was a completely nonsense scene that had me rolling my eyes in a “this is complete overkill” fashion that Gamon managed to self-correct, even if it was with a cliche.

I might excuse that cliche due to how entertaining it was, but that, along with a “I’m going to whisper my secret plans to you” bit of silliness – i.e. a character says something we’re not allowed to hear – results in the slight knock on the rating. Otherwise: this remains all-star stuff.