AJIN: Demi-Human vol. 6 – Gamon Sakurai

5 out of 5

I swore out loud when I finished AJIN volume 6, remarking at how damn satisfying the book was, only more profanely. This is not something I’m especially inclined to do – get so riled up by something that I speak aloud, shattering the solemnity of my isolated living, and with such blunt wordage, to boot – but, yeah, the series has merited it, and not for the first time. (Although more and more with each entry…)

Sakurai is an expert artist, for sure, depicting intense action with pitch perfect timing and framing and clarity, but it’s also the acting during dialogue that impresses, and has made each and every character memorable. Lately, Sakurai also brought in some comedic beats, which were equally fantastically executed, and then what brought me to swears with this volume is the restraint shown in how some plot details are elucidated, letting the art do the work or – lord forbid – letting the audience fill it in. It makes me for really grounding, intense moments, because you’re immersed: these are how these types of beats would occur in a regular conversation.

Volume 6 is split between Nagai and Nakano’s training with their new partners – which, instead of being a lazy montage, is used for frikkin’ character building – and filling in some Izumi backstory (rather brilliantly…) and then reconnecting us with a character we haven’t seen in a bit. (Yeah, also brilliantly.)

(I understand I am an AJIN fanboy now.)