AJIN: Demi-Human vol. 5 – Gamon Sakurai

5 out of 5

AJIN has been full of plenty of badass moments. Gamon Sakurai has then started to sneak in some Death Note-esque plottings: double- and triple-criss crossings of last minute, hyper-logical decision making, rather underlining that this thing isn’t just going to skate by on momentum; when it slows down, there are still tons of things to focus on, thanks to a steady trickle of growingly-interesting characters, and some proddings at commentary, regarding how the government is responding to these immortals, and how the public’s opinion is swayed back and forth.

It’s been an amazing accomplishment artistically, and continually impressive narrationally.

And with volume 5, Sakurai adds another skill: comedy. It’s brilliant. The next stage of our story finds Kei deciding to team up with Nakano, and they are just a wonderfully hilarious odd couple. It’s an unexpected swerve, but also completely earned by the way the story has escalated.

We’re still flying, five volumes in, and I can’t wait to keep going.