AJIN: Demi-Human, vol. 14 – Gamon Sakurai

4 out of 5

At some point, this will just boil down to links to go check out previous reviews, in which I’ll talk about – to probably unnecessary lengths – how amazing AJIN is, both in keeping its core premise of regenerating “demi-humans” rolling with fresh (but well thought out and presented) ideas, and also delivering an engaging story that’s backed up with memorable characters and the best action you have ever seen…

All of those pluses continue here, though volume 14 is, admittedly, incredibly light on story – we are in full action mode, seeing Kei Nagai’s Sato-plans roll out a breath-taking pace, maintained for every single page of this tankobon. I’m only knocking a star for some minor reasons: some rather convenient, bulletproof tables, the placement of which are akin to video-game cover – like, why are those there, and why are they bulletproof? – and though Sakurai is skilled at dropping hot flashes of plot in the midst of chaos, there are two pieces here which are too juicy to do that with. Only one – sure, but two is mean.

Docked points for meanness.