AJIN: Demi-Human vol. 12 – Gamon Sakurai

3 out of 5

Let’s not mince words: an average volume of AJIN is still leagues ahead of most manga. Indeed, that’s how you should be taking this rating at this point – as a comparison to other entries in the series. All of the hallmarks we’ve been spoiled to expect are still present in volume 12, including snippets of effective character work, mind-blowing twists on the demi-human powers, and insane action (although this is almost wholly a “Sato attacks” volume, so action / violence is the forefront), but there’s a bit of a stretch in how some of these bits work, and then the layout of a particularly dense action sequence just didn’t land for me; some kind of establishing shot of the space in which we’re working would have massively helped. Because those aspects take up significant parts of the tankobon, it doesn’t necessarily speed along in the same way as usual, although the latter half of the book – which manages the insane feat of making a car chase, in a “static” format, seem epic – jumps right back in to top tier material.

Sato slaughters Iruma base; Tanaka figures out what side he wants to be on.