Aesop Rock – Long Legged Larry

5 out of 5

Label: Rhymesayers

Produced by: Aesop Rock

This is a song about a long-legged, heroic frog named Larry. There’s no subtext to that. Aesop Rock lays down a prancing beat a raps about three times Larry saved the day, in his inimitably flat but lyrical style, flush with verbiage and clever rhymes and alliteration and homonyms but for real – just talking about a frog.

And back before I knew much about Aesop, and had just heard his more meaning-laden tracks and knew of his reputation as a wordsmith, maybe I was a bit intimidated by his discography, but then you hear the humor running through a good chunk of his work and can imagine his goofy smile while rapping about things like frogs that can leap over tall buildings and save cats from trees and, for real, god bless this guy.

The track’s no slouch, either – each verse is gold; the chorus (“Go Larry, Go Larry, Go Go Go Larry”) perfectly, mindlessly catchy, and the beat is funky but not simple, with lots of quirky flourish and breaks added in there, making the inclusion of the instrumental with the vinyl single version of this just as listenable as the regular version.