A Silent Voice Complete Series Box Set – Yoshitoki Oima

3 out of 5

The rating is representative of the value of the boxset. Individual volume reviews:

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

A Silent Voice’s pricepoint is funny to me: $76.93 US… Funny because it’s an oddity, not of the usual $XX.99 format, but it does equates to exactly the $10.99 per seven volumes, so there’s no arguing the value, here: not a discount, but not a rip-off, and you get the addition of the box holding the volumes, and some bonuses.

The box art, if you want to consider that a bonus as well, is fitting, but up to you whether or not that’s “worth it.” The side of the box, which would face out (at least on my shelf), is cute, but doesn’t have anything particularly indicative of the series; the front and back are Shoya / Shoko character shots. To be fair, I have no idea what would feel like more exciting imagery for a romcom series.

The other bonuses are… okay, and so don’t add to the rating. You get a poster, which is a pretty and very packed image, though – from the cast – it’s only Shoko and her sister. And you get a “replica” of Shoko’s notebook, which is a small 4″ x 6″ish thing that’s, uh, pretty much just a blank notebook, excepting four pages with large printed text that say things like “My name is Shoko,” and “I can’t hear.” Four pages. The rest of the pages are empty. And the back of the notebook…? A preview of To Your Eternity, which feels very wrong to stuff into the back of this replica notebook. (TYE also appears on the back of the poster.)

Negligible bonuses; an exact-match pricepoint.