2020 Usagi Yojimbo Sketchbook (unauthorized) – Various

5 out of 5

A compilation of Usagi and Usagi-related sketches gathered and printed by Usagi forums member Steven Hubbell.

I often read about writers making connections with undiscovered artists via the internet, and it puzzles me, because whenever I go poking around at random images, I find a lot of middling stuff. But then you see something like this – a fan collection of art by names with which I’m not familiar, all delivering varied and wonderful and impressive and unique takes on Usagi – and it makes me realize that I’m just not looking hard enough.

This is a little 9″ x 6″ printing, and it’s a wonderful lil’ thing – lots of fun, with page numbers and easily referenceable credits, some sketches from Stan himself, and color front cover. It’d be an appreciable fan effort just for what it is, but that it also has some cool contributions that make me want to check out those artists’ other works is a total bonus.