Zozobra ‎– Harmonic Tremors / Bird Of Prey

5 out of 5

Label: Hydra Head Records

Produced by: James Plotkin (remastered by)

Reviews of the original albums here and here; the rating is more indicative of the value of this set, although I do consider it the ideal way to listen to these records.

Compiling Zozobra’s two albums in a single package, reissued as remastered by James Plotkin and sold with proceeds going to Caleb Scofield’s family, although I consider the original materials as making for good-not-great albums, sequencing them together makes for a pretty riveting experience. Both albums are structured such that the A / B / C / D sides of the vinyl make sense, sequence-wise, and actually help to shake up the sound-alike tedium that crops up on either individual release. In addition, Harmonic Tremors – a more straight-forward “rock” affair – leads excellently in to the heavy hardcore wallop of Bird of Prey; it really feels like this all could’ve been intended to be strung together.

James Plotkin’s remastering also adds quite a bit, allowing Tremors to have a bit more edge and maybe even adding slightly more range to Prey’s already excellent rawness. I’m also quite fond of the artwork and packaging design.

As this was a limited release, it’s certainly pricier than picking up the individual discs, but I found myself getting a lot more listens out of the vinyl than I did the original albums.