Yuri Urano ‎– Autline

3 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Yuri Urano (?)

Very promising stuff.

Yuri Urano’s Autline gives us, on its A- and B-sides, two different approaches – one of minimalist, cold beats; and one that goes for an all-out acid house slam. Each side pairs one of these with the other, and each side does better at one than the other. In all cases, though, Autline delivers up some initially killer beats and ideas, with the better tracks iterating on those beats and ideas effectively, the lesser tracks hanging on repetition.

The opening title track is the lesser of the minimalistic takes. It starts out awesome, slowly oozing into a clicking beat which picks up the pace as a repeated one-word vocal is looped over it. Yuri plays with this combination for a few bars, adding a couple of layers, looping the vocal differently, creating an intense and mesmerizing groove. …But that’s about it. At six minutes, the track rather quickly runs out of variations on this theme – besides dropping the beat here and there – becoming rather repetitious. Followup Pec, though still about five minutes – not necessarily a brief track – flip-flops the formula and dashes away any predictability, morphing the more methodic pace of Autline into a furiously pounding house beat, with lots of flourish fuzzing in and out along the way.

On the B-side, ‘Knock’ falls back to a similar pace as ‘Autline,’ and again is rather cold, but this time it’s employed in an effectively ominous fashion, using the space and minimalism to slowly build tension. Closer ‘Massio’ returns to the house stylings, though without ‘Pec’s sense of creativity: it hits its beat hard and stays there.

All of the tracks have great central hooks. Hopefully on future releases, Yuri Urano can more purposefully apply the repetition that crops up here in a more trance- or drone-like nature, or spread out the intensity found the more inspired cuts.