Three Second Kiss ‎– Tastyville

4 out of 5

Label: Africantape, Sickroom Records

Produced by: Luca Tacconi, Sacha Tilotta

Fascinating, evolved stuff, Three Second Kiss iterating on their post-rockness and urging it toward dissection, in the vein of U.S. Maple. Where the band started out being disaffected and musically direct, Tastyville is open-ended, and emotive. The start-stop dynamics interrupt the album’s otherwise affectingly immersive flow – Maya; Cut the Nerve – though these songs are also quite excellent in their own right, and some ideas seem to just end as opposed to conclude, but a lot of these hiccups are soothed by subsequent listens, which the album nigh demands for being such an intriguing curiosity. The group’s glittery guitar, bass, and drums interplay burbles throughout, partially structured and then suddenly not; vocalist Massimo Mosca has started to sing at points, and while certainly not, y’know, pretty, there’s a clear, expressive core to these tracks that makes you want to tune in to his words and thoughts. Tastyville’s warm production helps this: everything exists on a similar layer, but is distinct; there’s the sensation of the various sounds crowding one another, but comfortably; puzzle pieces sliding in to place as riffs emerge and then morph; lyrics are hummed along to momentary ditties – a dreamlike coasting from section to section, with grabbing, unshowy bursts of anarchy.

An initial pass of the disc will present a few different sounds-like artifacts, but at the same time, Three Second Kiss keep pushing that familiarity onto the edges of the experience they offer, carving out something oddly beautiful from its disparate elements.