The Purkinje Shift ‎– Bag of Hammers

3 out of 5

Label: Chunklet

Produced by: Gary T Flom

Persistence. That’s what these tracks promote, which somehow seems fitting for a song called ‘Bag of Hammers.’ (Like, I’d believe that someone carrying such a bag had… persistence.) I suppose that might not come across as an overall good quality, but it means that sticking with either of these tracks – the looser titled track; the more structured B-side ‘Mick Mars’ – definitely pays off. Purkinje’s particular instrumental approach of guitars and drums playing some rolling and rollicking riffage won’t seem out of place for any math rock fans who’ve followed the crunchier vein of such stuff from its mid-90s surge and onward, but following with how the group has reemerged in the 2010s with a stream of singles – this is a wizened and steadied take on the scene. The Shift isn’t out to wow, and instead just earns your faith by remaining steady. Mick Mars is all about that, sticking to its bobbing beat throughout its five minutes, punching it up here and there to keep things interesting, but the title track is an ideal version of that: hitting the notes, taking a little bridge detour, and then coming back with some kickass surprises in its final minute.

Solid stuff.