that dog. ‎– Retreat From The Sun (2020 vinyl reissue)

3 out of 5

Label: Third Man Records

Produced by: Brad Wood

I’m a little mixed on how to review this because, man, I love this album, and it is super awesome to own it on vinyl. It’s also a reissue – there are no claims for this to be a remaster – so any hopes / expectations for changes or upgrades in quality are just well-wishes of the spell that vinyl creates. Still, it’s hard to not get caught up in that spell, especially when I feel like the transfer hasn’t necessarily done the album any favors. While some of the mid-range stuff came across pretty well, and the presentation is definitely crisp, I feel like some of the low-end bump of Brad Wood’s original production doesn’t come across especially well, and in general, it’s mastered fairly low, and if you turn it up, you’re more likely to hear distortion…

Which, to be clear, isn’t present at a rate above any other album turned up to higher volumes, just that I have to turn this one up since the overall volume is low. In addition, I spent many crush-laden moments poring over the artwork on my that dog. albums, and so I remember the pictures on the front and back of this as not being as blurry as they are here. It’s as though they just scanned the original CD booklet and then blew it up larger…

Without anything to compare it to, I’m sure this reissue would allow me to fall in love with the album anew. But I’m so intimately familiar with the disc version that some differences stand out, rubbing up against the joy of owning this is another format.