Terry Gross ‎– Shameless Imposter

4 out of 5

Label: Valley King Records

Produced by: John McBain (mastered by)

Terry Gross – the band, not the person, complicating lookups on the group forevermore – have a Trans Am connection via guitarist Phil Manley, and while that krautrock influence is certainly in there somewhere the group’s debut 10″ of two, 8+ minute tracks, owes more to the spirit of classic rock and grunge, especially on the A-side’s title track.

‘Shameless Imposter’ has a rumbling, rumbling energy to it that reminds of early Smashing Pumpkins showmanship, rattling along through chunky riffs and bursts of percussion before the vocals enter in, shifting to a more psychedelic, 70s vibe. But there’s room to stretch out: almost nine minutes of it, in fact, and this trio of players (a classic guitar, bass, and drums setup) shifts the tempo to and fro confidently throughout, keeping the track in a constant mode of rocking to various degrees, resulting in an “it’s over already?” regret when it winds down, likely resulting in several re-spins.

The B-side, Broadcast Solutions, maybe has the opposite effect: its loose, jangly build-up tends to lead to an “it’s over already?” sense of disappointment when said build up rather peters out as opposed to peaking with anything notable. Of course, once the progression of the track is expected, it can be reveled in: the title may be suggestive of its wandering, wide-net nature, searching for some kind of ideal, catch-all riffage. It still rocks in its own way, though indirectly, and if the A-side is eyes-to-the-sky and fist-pumping, Broadcast Solutions is head down, mumbling. It’s a good reflection of of the other track, though certainly better once you know the shape of it, and the extreme quality of repeatability of Shameless Imposter helps to prop it up.