Superstructure ‎– Classics Revisited

5 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: Todd Osborne (?)

Simple, delightful, acid. Sampling some other Superstructure – the aka of Todd Osborne – cuts, it seems he usually uses the nom de plume for funkier jams, but these two cuts (possibly reworked from a 2006 “Super Sonic” album) are definitely more dancefloor, get-sweatin’ oriented. What kills me about these tracks is how slick they are, keeping elements pared down to almost minimal key stabs and beats, but then flowing through a whole bunch of minute permutations of those for several minutes, such that there’s an absolute consistency, while also a continual sense of surprise regarding how a song morphs.

The A-side is a bit more devious and dark; the B-side has a video-gamey interplay of its highs and lows. Danceable, yes, and then also incredibly grabbing just as a listen, with each song being long enough to justify the effort to put the vinyl on… something I definitely can’t say for most 1-song-per-side singles.