Solomon Angelo ‎– Da Sacred Symbolz Of Sun And Moon

4 out of 5

Label: WeMe Records

Produced by: N. Kent (mixed by)

A crossroads of early Squarepusher jazz-funk with a Pierre Bastien-like automaton hum, Solomon Angelo’s amusingly titled ‘Da Sacred Symbolz Of Sun And Moon’ tick-tocks its way across seven short, fascinating cuts, with its short runtime begging for allowing its awesome beats to run just a little longer…

Opener ‘Cunz Equinox’ is the ‘Feed Me Weird Things’-era Squarepusher jam, all jazzy bass and stop-start drumming, but the “horns” have a quirky, video-gamey processed sound, which is juxtaposed against the way the low-end sounds really awesomely organic. This gets stripped down to a boom-bap bass line on the funky ‘Papa Moon,’ then picks that gaming cue back up for something that would fit on some beachside track in Streets of Rage or something – Mamas Sunshine Strut – closing the A-side out with the chilled out twinkle of keys on, ‘When You Wish Upon a *.’

The B-side is equally rewarding, it’s just too eager to drop out of tracks after a minute or so, when Angelo could’ve let the beats ride. ‘Encounter With Tha Planet’ is made for 80s night riding, drifting in to the low-key jazz improv style of Jupiter Ascenzion, and then the mechanized, minute-long beats of ‘The Shaman.’

B-side is clearly the laid-back relative to A, but they’re both gold in terms of the uniqueness and fun of the beats. While all the tracks are relatively short, A-side still feels like the songs each make their point; B-side – at least its bookend tracks – is a bit more short-sighted and demo-y feeling, and there’s quite a bit of recording space left on the physical LP that would’ve been cool to see filled up.