Silicon Scally ‎– Revelations

3 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Carl Finlow

Pretty lightweight stuff. Silicon Scally – Carl Finlow – gives us two tracks, and two remixes. The title track, opening things up, is very standard electro. It’s pleasant, sort of mid-range – not too chill, not too aggressive – but it’s hook feels like a base track for something better, and Finlow hardly embellishes it throughout. It keeps a toe tapping, for sure, but it’s interchangeable – it doesn’t have anything that feels identifiably unique. The remix, from Fleck E.S.C., deepens the range a bit, contrasting the tracks highs and lows to give it some more bite, but it’s ultimately still held back from standing out due to the original’s limitations.

Back-up track Walk Over, though, is all sass and groove. Revelations is the warm up, Walk Over is like Finlow battling himself and wiping the floor of the former track. It’s got a great core beat, and then slips and slides other synths around it. Finlow remixes himself on the B-side, and just like Revelations’ remix is better-but-similar, we get a same ante up here, with the remix making the track’s flourishes that much more dramatic. However, the original ultimately feels a bit tighter – the remix, for whatever reason, feels like it trails things out too long – making each version have positives.