S>>D ‎– Co Intel Pro

3 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Sean Dorris

Plenty of CPUs output effects a mood, but S>>D’s Co Intel Pro is the first to apply that to something akin to a horror flick. Detroit futurism is filtered through an 80s, synth-soaked sound for something wonderfully ominous, and this is actually the rare occasion where this works best in shorter cuts, with S>>D – Sean Dorris – creeping around a corner with building ambience, unleashing some beats and electro clatter, and then dashing away to work on the next spook. The marriage of some IDM elements to Carpenter-esque themes is novel, but S>>D may hang on this a bit too much – when these layers are introduced, the track stops evolving, and we’re just meant to revel in the familiarity of the killer’s-around-the-corner tunes. Revel we do – it’s an undeniably cool effect – but given some of the impressive, more electro-oriented work elsewhere, this cuts ultimately end up feeling lacking in comparison. Similarly, Co Intel Pro stretches to includes some unique elements – beat-boxing style beats; turntable scratches – and, again, it’s cool, but some ultimate synthesis of this with the rest eludes us.

Back to that mood, though: it’s persistent throughout, and it’s – pun maybe intended – killer. When this is applied to some minimalist techno, or IDM, with synths oozing tension, the album is grabbing. S>>D’s work here is certainly promising.