Cloe and the Cloud – Núria Aparicio

4 out of 5

Cloe makes friends with a cloud, helps it find its cloud parents.

A really gorgeously bright, softcover printing from Sallybooks that lets Aparicio’s colors and linework feel both organic and yet leap-off-the-page sharp.  Núria stages her tale for a very young audience by communicating everything through action or icons, and as the tale is of that kids’ book surreal flavor, bridging the understanding of “reading” these actions and being able to relate them to reality is a valuable skill which the book can perhaps encourage, i.e. extrapolating information and applying it elsewhere, all learned from some fluffy, cartoony clouds.  There’s also quite a bit of extra sketch work in the back, which may be of interest to the more adulty of us readers out there.

I do wish Cloe and her pally had a few more adventures packed in the book; they seem to become rather fast friends and the solution to finding cloud’s parents doesn’t feel quite “earned,” but that’s me trying to nitpick why I didn’t give this five stars.