Proswell ‎– People Are Giving And Receiving Thanks At Incredible Speeds

4 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Joseph Misra

With its dirty, driving club beat and proggy, wandering synths, it’s a little hard to get a read on Proswell’s ‘People Are Giving And Receiving Thanks At Incredible Speeds’ as a CPU release. The label has a varied roster, yes, but there’s generally a touchpoint somewhere between a nexus of Rephlex records and Drexciya; acid / IDM and futurism; with these 90s influences bearing a lot of weight upon artists who then throttle that into cutting-edge new takes. PAGARTAIS has a head-bobbing kick-off, it’s just a little cut and dry and programmed, with the wild key overlays a slight pace behind, giving it an almost amateurish vibe. Then it hits its bridge, and Proswell – Joseph Misra – gathers all of this up into a 90s fervor of video game glitter and a sweet garage rave-up, breaking it down in sections thereafter that step through iterations of all the acid and IDM goodness I was bemoaning it missing. Its 9 minutes is a bit of a stretch – it does seem kind of like a demo reel at times, making sure we know what’s possible – but there is a mission quite accomplished with that: Misra knows what he’s doing.

PAGARTAIS is unstoppable after that, a little less showy and more comfortable in its skin of blended influences while never quite leaving behind that initial, dancefloor-friendly heartbeat, thus expanding CPUs range of styles that much more.