Orange 9mm ‎– Tragic (2020 vinyl reissue)

5 out of 5

Label: Thirtysomething Records

Produced by: D. Sardy

Nothing to see here, just a fantastic album that sounds equally fantastic on vinyl.

Orange 9mm’s Tragic is one of my favorite grungy, hard-rock 90s albums, and I do think it benefitted from its on-CD sound, but thankfully Dave Sardy’s raw but clear and meaty production style translates really well to the vinyl pressing from Thirtysomething Records, giving it just a bit more grain to go with its grunge. The new album art is also a bit “classier” than the very 90s look of the original (though I like that, too), and they maintained the lyrics in the liner notes as well – which also are styled to match that new artwork.

Very pleased to have this on another format.