Ohmme + Aubreys ‎– Ohmme + Aubreys

3 out of 5

Label: self-released

Produced by: Ohmme / Aubreys

The Aubreys are, for better or worse, probably best known by association: Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things is part of the duo. While it’s pretty dang dismissive to make the following generalization, it does, from my perspective, seem like most instances where an actor makes their name firstly in that trade and then puts out some tunes, that said tunes generally won’t take the world by storm. Certainly creativity can overflow from one field to another, and it’s not to say that these various bands and solo acts aren’t quality, I just don’t really recall being floored by any of them or the performances, especially if I have no particular interest in the featured actor.

Wolfhard is currently 18; his bandmate, Malcolm Craig, also looks pretty young. The two tracks here are good!, but as per the above, they’re not especially notable. They owe much to the jangly pop of the 00s, a la The Shins – fun guitar riffs and bouncy melodies; vocal harmonies. Each song has a catchy enough ditty and pleasant singing, and is played pretty tightly, just falling rather squarely into the “sounds like…” category

Ohmme, whether intentionally or not, play fair and, on opener We Human, alter their quirked tunes for something more similar to Aubreys’ offerings – it’s light and airy pop, the dual female vocals reminiscent of The Murmurs or the like. Followup Eagle Eye is much more solid, though, balancing this jauntiness with the more expansive instrumentation stylings found on their other works, and more interesting harmony interplay.