Mrs Jynx ‎– Diving Loop

4 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Mrs Jynx (?)

An A-side with some wonderfully immersive ambience; a B-side with funky touches of retro. Mrs Jynx’s Diving Loop makes a mark, for sure, but squeezes in one filler-y track, causing it to miss out on perfection.

Dinner Dance’s 6 minute stretch brings to mind 90s era Warp electronica: slick and warm and layered, with a raw backing beat (that carries through all of these tracks, helping to link them together). It burbles and builds, seeming like background at first and then just getting deeper and more emotive as it goes on.

This is backed up by the filler, which is oddly the title track: Diving Loop is strictly ambience, no beat, and it’s not without merit, but probably better fitting on a full release. Here, it comes across as a way to balance out the sides in terms of runtime.

But then we’re on to our retro jamz: both Supermarket Sandwiches and Fish Cyborg are fantastically quirky, juxtaposing Jynx’s clipped drums with, on Sandwiches, glitzy synths, and then on Cyborg, video gamey bleeps and bloops.

As CPU built their library across their first few releases, their selected artists proved their worth by not being showy: by having love for great 80s and 90s techno but then being patient with it, making it their own. Mrs Jynx’s work here isn’t flashy, but it’s catchy, and gorgeous, and has touches that make it unique to her and absolutely memorable.