Mint Mile ‎– In Season & Ripe

3 out of 5

Label: Comedy Minus One

Produced by: Matthew Barnhart (mixing and mastering)

Wholly pleasant jangle pop, on the verge of creating its own identity.

Mint Mile’s debut release is really, really good; but it’s close to being great. It has such envious pieces in place, some, admittedly, carried over from my Silkworm fetish – Tim Midyett’s emotive, engaging vocals; pitter patter drums; loose but refined guitar pluckings and strums – and it kicks things off with that special blend of Midyett lyricism, somehow sad and rousing at the same time, on ‘Mountain Lion,’ the EP’s best and most Mint Mile-y track. Tim’s writing doesn’t slouch thereafter: he’s become such a sharp wordsmith over the years, refining the occasional crassness of barroom and touring tales into narratives that are all sorts of brilliant opposites, as previously suggested: simple but complex; open-ended but specific; however, Mile, as a group, falls in to a “sounds like” realm of pleasantness that nibs from 90s / 00s indie folk jangle, with some Cracker, and some Pavement, not quite finding – beyond Lion – some fire that feels like their own. That said, these are all seasoned players who can be trusted to find that groove, so it’s an incredibly promising debut, with its first cut likely indicative of strengths to which we can look forward.