Secret State ‎– Zero Zero One

4 out of 5

Produced by: Secret State

Label: Central Processing Unit

Kick-ass club beats from the “where do they keep finding this stuff?” CPU label.

Other reviews have stuff I can’t comprehend, like Boomkat’s mentioning Detroit, Jit, and Urban Tribe… but maybe that answers your questions and you’re ready to go.  For me, Secret State smashes together a bottom layer of AFX roboticness with some old school 808 style garage liberally applied atop.  It’s a killer combo, and not produced with retro in mind, making it crisp and clear and catchy as all get-out.  The first two tracks lean more toward an 80s sound; track 3’s Sleep Room more into its IDM layer.  Closer Weep For Joy is a tad more atmospheric, making it a wise choice to end on.  Another nifty trick here is the way that the tracks are mixed DJ-ready, with layers slowly cooked in and then stripped out, really adding to a sense of completeness from track to track and then as a whole, despite it being a short four song EP.

Alas, one star is knocked off for sorta similar reasons: that the tracks are essentially designed the same way: same pace; same build; same-ish length.  Tracks one and two especially mirror each other.  But aw heck, that’s me just being picky over great tunes.