Scissorfight ‎– Potential New Agent For Unconventional Warfare

4 out of 5

Label: Tortuga

Produced by: Scissorfight?

I love the Scissorfight EPs.  They present the group boiled down to one or two or their core modes – which I realize might already seem limited for a stoner rock group which celebrates fucking and fighting, though I think that’s far overlooking the snarky humor wound into their music, along with the compositional chops that allow them to mix it up subtlety across their excellent albums – which means that each EP is a perfect 15 or 20 minute injection of Scissorfight energy, leaning into their more crass stuff, or harder rocking stuff, or, as on Potential New Agent for Unconventional Warfare, their punkier and groovier stuff, allowing a listener to pick or choose the matching mood for their short dog walk or whatever.

You like long opening sentences, yes?

‘Potential’ kicks off with ‘Hex,’ one of ‘Fight’s most straight-forward, enjoyable blasts of fist-pumping fun, and then follows it up with five absolutely solid hoe-downs.  Lyrically, we’re more into boastful, rollicking territory here, which I dig: the whole EP is unabashedly rah-rah, making it a great pick ’em up that rocks in a sort of “friendly” way that syncs up with Mantrapping or, at that point of release, looked forward to Jaggernaut.  A bonus track has Iron Lung trying and repeatedly failing to pronounce some German.  It’s not really worth the long-silence-secret-track wait, but it’s an amusing coda and precedes inevitably giving the disc another spin, so it puts a smile on your face before ‘Hex’ makes that smile burst through your cheeks.