Radio-Logg ‎– Sports/Tools

3 out of 5

Label: WéMè Records

Produced by: EOD (?)

I really have no idea what I’m looking at here.  Radio-Logg would seem to be another pseudonym for electronic artist EOD – WéMè’s page for this album even attributes it to “EOD Radio-Logg” – but then there’s also a copyright of 1980 to “D. Schrodinger and M. Eskola,” with the LPs label noting “all tracks licensed from Radio-Logg – Education Cassette on Sports & Tools.”  That label page somewhat adds to this: “remastered and licensed from the 1980 originals.”

So, uh, what?  All of the titles are, as befitting that slashed title, either names of sports (“Volleyball”) or tools (“Threshing Machine”), and you could buy that this is some dated accompaniment to some kind of teaching tool, with the krauty beats and robo-vocals repeating one or two word phrases, but then you get to the B-side – ‘Stethoscope’ – and the simplicity of the thing freaks out over stuttering IDM rips.  This precedes the dankier, and more layered beat of ‘Wrench,’ before the thing settles back into its repetitive synthesized chanting and tick-tock beats.

It’s like a joke you’re not in on, but it doesn’t have that kind of off-putting winking that that implies; while the material is a little repetitive, the short track lengths and generally varied pace from song to song allows it to be catchy over grating, and when you get to that B-side, suddenly you’re caught off guard but whatever the heck this is, and then flipping it over to re-evalutate simpler head-bobbers like ‘Volleyball’  and ‘Ski Jump.’