Morsunda ‎– Analogital

5 out of 5

Label: Auris Apothecary

Produced by: Morunda

This is some brutally brilliant experimentation. I can’t get down with _just_ noisescapes, but when noise is given just a touch of structure, then by god, it can be a fantastic calamity. What could be IDM break beats kick off this thing – a meeting of the minds between noisemaker Dante Augustus Scarlotti and electro-wanderer Pendra Gon – on Cacophony of Vertical Horror. While static alarmingly builds in the background. Some recognizable tones come in; the beat occasionally kicks up to a drilling cadence; there’s a purposeful distorted quality to the track that prevents it from feeling exactly settled, but the elements of tunefulness that are hazing through the mire of growing disarray ground it. Quite an introduction.

Clitter-clatter, early Apparat-like beats start 77 Collassall Crumbling Spires, and then about a minute in, crumbling wails of doom come caving in, and once you’ve gotten a handle on this, it morphs into these cavernous, snycopated death wails. And yet it’s still, uh, fun?

The whole thing implodes with the brilliantly destructive, seven minute Malfu-nctch-ine Sirens, which has a looping tone representative, possibly, of such a ‘siren’ mapped atop the screechiest, scratchiest, static-iest explosions ever committed to tape (or at least one willfully played to my ears). This is where I should draw a line and say that its just chaos, but the track is somehow musical while being utterly ear-rending brutal. I don’t get it. It’s awesome.

I’ve been interested in these two artists separately, but together, Scarlotti’s and Pendra Gon’s Morsunda is a formidable force.