Les Messieurs Du Rock ‎– L’Estase

3 out of 5

Label: SixGunLover

Produced by: ?

Sure, man, sure.  This is another one of those even-the-internet-can’t-solve-it mystery bands who must’ve had more of a background than their fake one – i.e. Austinites (SixGunLover having been the cool Austin label) via Paris – but color me stoned and plucking Television riffs on this here electreec geetar if details can be unearthed fifteen years on.

The Texas sound is apparent: loose riffage informed by punk as cycled through an indie rock shuffle, but the band leans on the French shtick hard to give that shuffle a nose-to-the-air smarm that, when it’s off-handedly cooing atop energetic futz that wanders through Dischord backlots and 70s NYC clubs, is goddamned catchy, and makes it easy to ignore the silly lyrics.  Not so easy when the group breaks for noodly interludes, or has tracks called I’m Going To Pull Out And Cry All Over Your Tits.  Thankfully, the former happens much more often than the latter, and these dudes are such ace players, staying in time while seeming all casual about it, that you can’t help but listen and dance along, despite more “serious” bands calling you from the main stage.