Heinrich Mueller ‎– False Vacuum

3 out of 5

Label: WéMè Records

Produced by: Gerald Donald

With definite notes of Drexciya-esque beats – Heinrich Mueller being an a.k.a. for Gerald Donald, one half of that group – False Vacuum’s compiled remixes of the composer have an automatic touch of nostalgia to them.  This doesn’t extend throughout, with the midsection (as it’s sequenced) being a bit housier, but it’s certainly enough to connect it to Donald’s catalogue.  And further on that format, given that this is, firstly, a compilation, and that all the tracks are remixes, the album doesn’t really have any standouts, per se, or any real sense of ebb and flow.  It’s a collection of beats, and some pretty damn good ones, with warm production and a great sense of breaking things up and keeping them moving, but it does feel like these would be better ‘surprises’ as one-offs elsewhere; bringing it all together allows for things to rather blend together (some of these tracks loop for a bit…) and highlights that lack of a memorable single.

At the same time, for a collector who is already familiar with the material, stretched across whatever their original sources were, I imagine this set to be quite worthwhile.

Either way, I don’t think this is an introduction to Heinrich Mueller / Gerald Donald, so much as an interesting addition / complement to an already converted fan’s collection.