Dante Augustus Scarlatti ‎– Recycled HNW

2 out of 5

Label: Auris Apotheacary

Produced by: Dante Augustus Scarlatti

I respect this, but I doubt I’m ever going to listen to it again.

HNW – or Harsh Noise Wall – is a genre described by Wiki as follows: “a literal consistent, unflinching and enveloping wall of monolithic noise.”

The Auris page for this mentions 15 layers of strings, fuzz, organ, etc., which are elements that cleverly are generally used for the opposite of what we’d consider noise music, but of course, when they’re mapped over and over onto one another and then dubbed onto random recycled cassettes just to top it off… HNW, my friends.

So, yes, this is more of a concept than it is music, which, to be fair, is true of a bit of Auris’ output.  If I were rating this more along those lines, the randomized packaging and the idea merit more positive consideration.  As a piece of music, once you set your ears to “stun,” it’s not nearly as abrasive as you might think – though I’m not listening to this via headphones – and the slightest deviations crop up throughout that make me wonder what would happen if I, like, tried to fall to sleep to this or something.

My rating is representative of this as music, which it is not, but I didn’t shut it off, either.  I should also probably note that I’m not a noise music follower, so I have no idea how it stacks up there.