Andy Jenkinson ‎– The Crisp Chronicles – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

3 out of 5

Label: WéMè Records

Produced by: Andy Jenkinson

A bit too slight to be something you’d revisit frequently, the chiptune-y soundtrack for an (imagined?) motion picture is actually pretty amazing, milking a whole bunch of stylistic variations out of a main bouncey tune.  And though the cover and introductory film “clip” certainly suggest this to be a joke project, the music, taken in its soundbyte format, is interestingly affecting!  From the sweet ‘Crisps in Love’ themes to the appropriately dark ‘Fear Theme’ and the beat-pummeling ‘Madness Theme,’ Jenkinson does his faux film proud and gives it a full assortment of emotions.  But it’s too dang short – the tracks range between forty seconds to two minutes – to really make a big enough impact to spin it up too often.

Evidence of the inexhaustible source of interesting music that is Jenkinson.