AB2088 ‎– TX0 (digital)

4 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: AB2088

In your most lusciously 8-bit dreams in which darkwave tremors bleep up against retro synth and modulate to a Rephlex beat… lies AB2088’s awesome TX0.  The physical format of this release, a 7″, features only the first two tracks… which are actually, in comparison, the least awesome.  I support physical, of course, but you owe it to your ears to hear the following six tracks, which nuance AB2088’s – a.k.a. Andrew Brown’s – minimalist video game beats into some amazingly complex, dark, icy arrangements.

All The Eyes and the title track, starting us out, are fun, but after playing through their layers, moderately stagnant.  They will undoubtedly get you moving, but had all the tracks followed the same flow, then perhaps I wouldn’t be as amped.  But this is CPU, so it’s almost guaranteed to be gold, and indeed: track 3’s XOL starts to go down the harsher AFX realm, with the album fully kicking off with RWORM.  AB continues to evolve on this thread, building up to the phenomenal closers of Line Trace and Voices, which are now fully under Brown’s control; fully his own oddball sound of darkness and pleasant lil’ bloops; a static wash meshed with bouncy beats.

It’s 8 tracks you can easily listen to again, and again, and wouldn’t ya’ know: that’sa what I did.