The Lynnfield Pioneers ‎– Lamp Comp EP

3 out of 5

Label: Lampshop Records

Produced by: Greg Talenfeld, Jerry Teel, J. P. Jones

I realize it’s right there in the title, but it never clicked for me that this EP was a compilation of the group’s 7″ singles.  This sort of follows as to why it doesn’t hang together as a necessarily synchronous listen – the first half hits hard, and then it sorta falls off – but at the same time, such is the Pioneers’ uniquely spazzed-out sound that they can get away with a scattered tracklist and make it seem like it ain’t no thang.

The compilation essentially moves backwards, chronologically, also accounting for the great-to-okay progression in the tracks.  Openers Latoya through Yos To Go are downright classic, slotting in with the sloppy, keyboarded-up mash of Emerge; Newport is a nice slowburn, but that ‘slow’ is also what leads us into the slightly less energetic latter half, where the tracks somewhat blend together.

Still, in our world of limited Lynnfield material – and we all acknowledge that this band burned bright, yes? – I’m thankful for a set that gathers up all their early bits, and regardless of some variable quality, you still hear a proudly brash and unique band right from the start.