Richard Bellis ‎– Stephen King’s It (Soundtrack From The Television Motion Picture)

4 out of 5

Label: Waxwork Records

Produced by: Thomas Dimuzio (mastered by)

With a clatter of sound, Richard Bellis’ score to the TV version of It kicks off, segueing thereafter into several short “ideas”, focused around a core set of instruments – strings, keys – and recurring circus music, and a haunting central theme.  While I often criticize scores for working off of cues instead of wholly considered pieces, and thus failing to construct an “album” as opposed to moments of music, this actually work very much in It’s favor: Bellis’ ideas are appropriately off-kilter, and spooky, and with the asides into aforementioned circus-y tunes, having a sort of fractured set of songs surrounding that gives the score an unsettling vibe, which pays off when we slow down for longer, more emotive tracks.

The expansiveness of the score – 3 LPs, covering the series’ 3+ hour runtime – does require some downtime where the music sort of half-heartedly cycles through its previous pitches, leading to a rather quiet, uneventful LP 2.  But considered as part of the overall experience, in which LP 3 ramps up again, leading to an amazingly powerful E Side which rather brings all of the ideas together again, it makes sense, and repeated listens, once you’re used to the pacing, make its comparative genericness a necessary lull between the more intense music which surrounds it.

Waxwork’s remastering of the score is also quite excellent, with the loud and quiet moments coming across clearly, as well as great foldout packaging which allows the vinyl – colored like three primary colored balloons – to slide in and out easily.  An impressive looking set, backed up by a powerful, effective score.