Modeselektor / Moderat ‎– 50 Weapons Of Choice #2-9

3 out of 5

Produced by: Various

Label: 50Weapons

A selection of Moderat / Modeselektor remixes that has some appeal as a continuous mix, but falls off in its back half.

The 50 weapons of choice series was apparently started by modeselektor as a set of high-quality, white label dance singles; #2-10 was the first collection of those, released as a limited CD.  And there are definitely some effective and exciting takes on Mode / Moderat songs: The opening Untitled remix is a stunning hip hop riff with some slick chops and edits; Phon.o’s jittery Art and Cash followup does a great job of layering onto its base dancefloor appeal; Shackleton tweaks the Hell out of Moderat’s Rusty Nails to create something both grooving and spooky, and definitely a highlight of the collection.  But things sort of fall off after that. T++’s take on Rusty Nails not only is dwarfed by Shackleton’s version, but it doesn’t build on its beats like the lead-in tracks, and tracks 6 (another Art & Cash take by SBTRKT ) and 8 (Art & Cash by Roska) are similarly standard “set the needle and yer done” type mixes, slanting toward clubby and dub, respectively.  Housemeister’s emerges as a wake up call, approaching Moderat’s Untitled from a minimalist perspective, stripping it down to bare beats, but the way it’s constantly shifting and on the move keeps it quite exciting.

Nabbing these singles individually I expect would’ve been a lot of fun, not knowing exactly what the next one would be.  When collected, its much easier to compare and contrast, which sets up a dividing line of awesome and meh between about half the tracks.