Mephiskapheles ‎– Maximum Perversion (2017 Jump Up! Records vinyl reissue)

5 out of 5

Label: Jump Up! Records

Produced by: Alex Haas, Mephiskapheles

A perfect album given a good sounding vinyl treatment by Jump Up! Records.  There’s nothing to add to that, really – artwork is reproduced; the sound quality registers as legit; the swirled black/red vinyl is fitting, and I like the images chosen for the labels…

If you have any love for this album – which I have to believe most / all Meph fans do – and you like your wax, there’s no reason not to own this.  It gives the release a note of legitimacy, validating what we all knew to be a ridiculously amazing classic that I have trouble getting others to appreciate because it’s brushed off as ska by a joke band.