Low Flying Owls ‎– Low Flying Owls

5 out of 5

Label: The Americans Are Coming Records

Produced by: Low Flying Owls?

So, so much ass kicked in three songs.

Yeah, this is one of those bands I feel lucky to have stumbled across, thanks to an appealingly off-kilter cover on what otherwise looked like a cheapie disc.  ‘Twas a free promo, I nicked it along with other items of interest, and then I ‘holy fuck’ed my way to multiple relistens, madly excited when I found the group’s previous release similarly, and then doing my best to pay it forward by jamming their higher profile followup on a listening station and repeatedly playing it in store.

LFO (god bless that abbreviation) were adjacent to some of the music happenings of the early 00s – 70s rock revitalization; synth-y guitar pop – but took it above and beyond to extremes of both psychedelia and hard rock, resulting in deep, immersive tracks of harmonic keys and guitars and vocals that would surge with sudden shouty bombast.  On album, this is interspersed with some more wandering experiments; on EP, it’s boiled down to three epics, instantly memorable and hummable, each with their own amazing peaks atop already awesome hooks and choruses.  Yes, Jared Southard’s lyrics are typically to vague to really define anything, but he croons them in a creepily passionate warble that so effectively matches LFO’s slick slink that it don’t matter a bit.

This EP kicks around between ridiculous prices and don’t-know-what-they-got cheap prices; if you’ve listened to any LFO song and nodded approvingly, this disc is honestly worth a fair few dollars as it’s some of the group’s best material.