Le Butcherettes ‎– struggle/STRUGGLE

3 out of 5

Produced by: Jerry Harrison

Label: Rise Records

It’s a good song.  Is it good three times over…?  I mean, yes…?  It is such that you can listen to this thrice-tweaked variation and not be bored, but this isn’t an Aphex Twin remix situation: it is very, very clearly the same song each time, with, to my ear, just a very general shift: from the original rocker (the ‘bi’ version) to an acoustic one (with the much-publicized producer Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads on guitar – the ‘MEN’ version), to something that’s sort of halfway between, slowed down, dash of funk – the ‘TAL’ version.

Lead Teri Gender Bender is really the star here, her wild vocals adopting to the pace and tone of each track (not sure what’s up with that turkey gobble at the end of the ‘bi’ version, though), but the ‘struggle’ – which, in interviews, is of gender, of race – doesn’t really come across to me lyrically, with words that feel like a stretch for imagery.

Still: it’s a good song, perhaps more sonically layered than what Le Butcherettes have offered before.  But if one version ends up being on a forthcoming album (slated for 2019 at this point), that’s probably all you need.