Girls Against Boys ‎– Park Avenue (CD single)

3 out of 5

Label: DGC

Produced by: Nick Launay

Having just Park Avenue backed by the beat-tastic Eli Janney remix of American Black Hole works really well.  On the promo CD version, we get two additional “remixes” (credited to MC 450 and MC Loud, and maybe both of those are Scott McCloud?) of Freak*On*Ica‘s Speedway and Cowboy’s Orbit, which are each rather bizarre, playing exactly against the beat-based nature of the album.  Regardless of your take on the rather notorious disc (which I’m on the record for digging), these are fascinating remixes, gutting them of much rhythm or beat, muting any punchier elements.  In an odd way, this perhaps brings them (Speedway moreso than Orbit) closer to some of the downbeat tracks from Venus Luxure or Cruise Yourself; I mean, you’re not confusing the songs with earlier GVSB ones, but it’s an interesting re-presentation of the tunes nonetheless.

Interesting, but maybe not as relistenable as the breakbeats on American Black Hole.