Ellen Allien & Apparat ‎– Turbo Dreams single

3 out of 5

Produced by: Ellen Allien & Apparat

Label: BPitch Control

A single which includes an extended version of the already excellent Turbo Dreams, plus two remixes.

Pier Bucci‘s take is acceptable remix fare, taking the same casual bounce of the original and adding or subtracting elements.  While the end result is an enjoyable among, there’s nothing distinct enough that makes it any better (or worse) than the source, which, since you already have an extended version of said source playing directly before it… makes it less impactful.

So really its all down to Marc Houle’s mix, which is all fine and good because his so-called Jackit mix is rightfully named; Turbo Dreams gets a peppy kick in the pants to get it dancing, though the soft edges of the beat maintain the sort of friendly vibe of the album version.  The remix stalls a bit toward the end, but it’s worth it for the way it revvs back up for an energetic conclusion.